Surf or Sink: Finding Your Way In The New World Order

A little while ago when TimTech tinkered with Sweeva people freaked. Before that the demise of Nerdbux threatened world stability and order.

When Cash Surfing Network announced a slight change to their payout policy the cries of anguish lit up the chat boxes and forums so brightly that astronaut on the space station panicked.

Change does that to us. Change unsettles us, puts turbulence into the calm sea of our tranquil lives. Change short circuits common sense.

While we might quietly acknowledge that change is good for us, that it’s important to leave the shire of our comfort zone and move out into a scary territory beyond our everyday grasp, in our hearts…it’s just lip service

Being English of course, I am immured to these attacks of panic, after all it was an Englishman, Rudyard Kipling   who penned the famous line from his poem IF ; (If you can keep your head when all about you    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you). The stiff upper lip has been de rigueur for the men of Empire ever since.

Well that’s what we would have you believe.

I guess I’ve been contaminated (I have to blame something other than me surely) by my half measure of Greek blood and living in Canada way to long, because the advent of team surfing threw a nice little monkey wrench into my well-ordered world, and I’m only just recovering.

It goes to show that reading books is good, but like Leonardo da Vinci  claimed, experience is the best teacher.

What happened?

Along Came Team Surfing

Before you yawn and say no big deal, I’m talking team surfing TimTech style. As you know by now, their philosophy isn’t just to rock the boat a bit, but to flip in over and see who swims.

Since the launch of team surfing, everything has changed: new leaders have emerged, TE’s have experience unexpected growth, and surfing is fun again.

Unaware of the wave I was about to surf (sorry couldn’t help myself) I created a team call CTP Masters. A flood (sorry again)  of people joined and I promptly left them high and dry while I took time out for another big change in my life, my second move in two years. down to the beautiful city of London Ontario.

By the time I resurfaced, I knew I needed to get into action, take up my leadership responsibilities and start surfing again as I did in the days when I worked to get my expert status at CTP.

I owe a deep debit of gratitude to the team members who stuck it out with me while I learned to swim all over again.

Since then my team with some subtle pushing an prodding (and some no so subtle) managed to get me focused on the task at hand.

A flurry of private message back and forth by the team using the “email entire team” function and the establishment of a team blog, we are beginning to meld as a team.

I came to this team surfing  very reluctantly yet find myself an enthusiastic  supporter of team surfing as envision by the TimTech owners.

Where I thought it would hurt my business because of the time surfing and running a team seemed to suck away from other tasks, has actually help my business grow. While I despaired of ever getting back to blogging and all  the over tasks I set myself each day, the ship is slowly righting itself and a new pattern is emerging from the chaos, as it should.

Going into chaos is part of the process of change. In the midst  of the chaos you learn, grow and develop in new unimagined ways. In the midst of the chaos frustration stirs the gut, chills the nerves, and generally annoys. It’s part of growth and crossing anew threshold.

It’s so easy to get mired in the comfort of a daily routine that ceases to stretch our boundaries.

We need to embraced, no matter how discomforting that embrace may feel, the people who won’t let us sink into mediocrity or the ordinary.

It’s our job to go out there and do that…fight the “everyday” patterns that quietly besiege us.

I’ve wanted to write this article for over a week, but it found its way out today because I’ve finally absorbed many of the lessons this period of chaos present me with.

Don’t sit on the sidelines watching all of us in the fray, jump in, join a team or create one then get in their and learn first hand about team dynamics and leadership, and change, and being uncomfortable and all the other joys of personal growth.

In the end, it’s not really a big thing….and yet…it is.






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  • I have to totally agree with you Nick, I too created a team and have found that it has focused my attention to the tasks at hand rather than adding to the chaos. It has been a leap of faith to deal more directly with members than I have in the past, but is has also been a very pleasant experience.

  • After the Nerdbux debacle I was pretty much disillusioned about this whole business. Not by the way that TimTech handled it, but by some of the dreadful and hateful comments I read in a forum that I stumbled across. Obviously the posters and the admin/moderators had not read the T&C’s!

    Anyway – long story short – CTPTeams comes along and I have my enthusiasm rekindled – I have surfed more than I have for a long time and joined exchanges that I wouldn’t have done normally. Got signups to my list by advertising in those exchanges and generally am a far happier bunny!

    Onwards and upwards.
    Keith Butterworth recently posted…New Pizza for 2014My Profile

  • Yes like so many others Ive surfed more recently then ever before.

    And that comes from a guy that is quite comfortable paying for the credits or ad space instead of earning them via surfing.

  • Glad to hear someone express some of the same feelings and experiences with which I have contended. To others I say – get back in there and persevere. Give yourself some time, and you will be pleased with where you end up.

  • This post is truly inspirational, thank you for being so in depth with the process of team surfing. I am so grateful that I took the time to join CTP. Not the actual sign up but the training and everything else that comes along with this program. I have learned so much about internet marketing including how to make splash page and banners. I would suggest anyone who has a desire to promote online start with CTP. I couldn’t have found 1/2 of the information they have provided me if I would not have joined. I feel blessed to be a part of it.

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