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Indispensable Tools  My #1


I was listening to Patrick in TE Live ( see next week’s column) talking about getting people to come back to your blog. He suggested that writing a regular feature  would  bring people back each week. Tom Wacker does a great job of doing this at his blog. Saturday for instance, is always his Short Stop feature, where he highlights a famous short stop in baseball and then does a weekly round-up of events. I don’t know much about baseball but I find his lead ins very interesting. I look forward to them every week.


After digesting Patrick’s advice, I realized that I use to have regular features but somewhere along the line let the ball slip. This synced nicely with some of my pondering around the various tools  that I find indispensable to my online business and probably yours too, and voilá  I have what will become my first regular feature here. Indispensable Tools which will run every Friday.

The first tool I wanted to focus on is Skype.

I am not sure I could conduct the type of business I run without Skype. There are other instant message systems but none have the ease of use and flexibility of Skype.

Since building relationships or networking is a critical part to any business, Skype fills all my needs.

1. It’s free, you just download it to your desktop. You are now connected to the world. Seriously.

2. The chance to use the video feature, which is again free, multiplies the power of the tool ten fold.

Nothing creates a better connection than the opportunity to talk to someone face to face, eye to eye. You develop a much better rapport with the person at the other end of the camera.


3. As a coaching tool it’s superior to anything else I’ve used.

I can ask my questions, get replies and clarify, to understand my customer’s, dreams, their challenges and how I can best help them. Since I have Skype open most of the time I am working at home, you can reach me quickly for immediate help.  And Skype can work quietly in the back ground with a quiet beep to let you know you’ve been Skyped.


4. Creating a sense of community:

Being connected to a community of like-minded people allows for great networking and the ability to share resources quickly. If you don’t have and answer you can be sure one of your peers does. Being willing to share your time and knowledge with others enhances your reputation.


5. Branding.

Skype is another point of intersection where you can promote your BRAND, (not your links your brand) and build on the three pillars of successful sales: Know, Like and Trust.


6. Skype Rooms

You can easily create a room for your particular group or topic with just a couple of clicks of your mouse. This is a way to connect directly with people in your down-line, or program.


7. Mentoring.

We all need mentoring but getting that face time with someone online who you deem a mentor can be difficult. But Skype makes the process a breeze. If you have developed a rapport with someone online and you would like to have them act as a mentor, just ask them if that is possible. More often than not they will be flattered that you asked and more than willing to spend some time with you.


8. Your Virtual Office.

It’s easy to use Skype as your virtual office. You can post times you are available to your customers to answer questions or concerns, and to do a bit of online coaching. You can twitter out your availability or Facebook it.


There are of course a couple of rules of etiquette.

First and foremost don’t spam your links. That’s one of the quickest ways to become unpopular and get yourself blocked from the very people who can help you find success.

Be polite and respectful. If you want to have a video call, ask first before you call, don’t just start a video call without checking first.

Be available to help others as they have been available to help you.

Be yourself.

If you haven’t added this tool to your tool shed, it’s time to download it today. It will only take you minutes to get set up.

When you are set up, please add me to you contact list. My ID is nicknick90 and I’ve love to connect with you.

I am sure there are other uses for Skype. I’d love to hear how you use it as a tool.

One last thing. If you need me after business hours, take and aspirin and Skype me in the morning.









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  • Hey Nick,

    I look forward to your tool a week. I use to have Skype
    open all the time, but I found it too much of a distraction.

    I was in too many groups and didn’t have the discipline
    to ignore the “conversations”. Perhaps I will open a new
    account and only connect with select individuals and groups.

    As it is now, I utilize email and phone for communications, but
    those forms are limited… things to ponder 🙂

    DA Riley recently posted…Where Are Your ReferralsMy Profile

  • What a great post, Nick! I’m really looking forward to the series!

    I love Skype. I rarely do video calls, but really like the potential and ease. What I really, really like is the IM system. Clickty Click and I can start a conversation that the other person can reply to when there is time. The patience of email and the immediacy of the phone. Great stuff.

    Thanks Nick. I now have a reason to look forward to Friday!! I’m glad you like the shortstop, I know I like doing it…
    Tom Wacker recently posted…Rating a Traffic ExchangeMy Profile

  • Tom well said, “the patience of an email and the immediacy of the phone,” . You could sell that to Skype as a tag line.

  • You’re comments and Tom’s give me fuel for thought. Perhaps some little how to’s are in order. I can do a follow up post with some other tips on staying organized and not getting distracted.


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