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My passion is to help people reach beyond what they feel capable off to achieve success in business and in life. I love that one on one time with people, love to share the lessons from my experience, and help people begin daily practices that are the backbone of success.
I jokingly refer to myself as a late bloomer. At the age of 57 I found myself in a job that I didn’t like. And my plan B of building a successful downline in an Multi Level Marketing Company, crashed and burned around me leaving me in one of those dark moments of the soul. I felt truly lost, like I’d been washed up on a beach with no way forward.

That began a search that dramatically change my life. Through a series of “coincidences” I discovered my purpose which gave me the strength, will and fortitude to change myself.

This lead me to focus on not just the nuts and bolts of working online but on systems and processes that would help others succeed.
Learn with Nick a membership program I design to help people maximize the use of Click Track Profit resulted from that passion and taught me so much about stepping out and doing things that make me feel uncomfortable.

Since then I’ve build a huge downline in Click Track Profit. Learned to use video. Created a show called “Getting Out from Between the Lines” to encourage people to find ways to think beyond conventional thinking. I produce a video series called “A Dream Building Minute with Nick Grimshawe”, built two blogs, Beautiful Summer Morning around inspiring others, and my personal blog, created a business pages on Facebook. I’ve conducted online seminars on Writing Your Purpose Statement and How to Create Your Huge Dream.

I’ve also facilitated live workshops on the topic of Law of Attraction here in my home city of London Ontario. I am also a Board Member for Unity of London, a vibrant spiritual community here. I also serve as a Prayer Chaplain, and am the Sacred Service co-coordinator working with those who volunteer their time and talent to our community.

As a late bloomer I look forward to a long a prosperous second career by helping you find your success.


Nick Grimshawe

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