The Essentials

The Essentials


The Essentials

Internet Marketing Lesson 4

Today I promised to talk about some of the programs you will need to get started. Again my intention with this series of emails is not to sell you a thing, just give you some information to help you avoid making the mistake I did when I first started. In my start here page I make recommendation for products and service you will need to build a business, and I totally believe in one small step at a time.

Some marketers that I know just push one site after another without stopping to consider how that person is coping with this overload of information and sites, without even bothering to explain the hierarchy of sites something I will give you once we are up and running.

For now. What are the basic things you need to get started?

The number one thing you need is something to keep track of your clients, a way to send them new content, offer help or make a sale. I’m using a program right now to do that to send you the email with the link to this page.  These programs are generally called Autoresponders. There are many different ones out there with many pricing options. In my Getting Started section I recommend one of the easiest and most reasonable priced ones. But for now all I want you to know is you are not getting far without one of these programs.

Since most of what you will be doing to start is affiliate marketing (more about this in the next email) you will need a hub site that you can use to get started, one that has good training, good products for you to sell, and a good commission structure so you can start earning quickly. Again I will recommend a site to you when you are ready. It’s one where I have over 1,000 people in my downline, and a site I know intimately so I can help you succeed with it as well.

With both these programs there are monthly subscription costs but nothing alarming. Take a deep breath…relax, now exhale slowly.

There… see you are just fine.

These are the two basic things to start with and which will grow  as you develop mastery of these programs, discover how to brand yourself, and start getting people to pay attention to you.

When you are ready, and only when you are ready, you will need a website and a hosting account. Imagine, you get to owned your own website where you can continue to build your brand by starting a blog, or a video blog, post offers and add your landing pages!

Too much information right?

Don’t worry we can get through this together.

I’m not going to get into landing pages and squeeze pages right now…and that basic program I recommend takes you gently through the process one step at a time.

Here’s and article I wrote about doing small things over and over and what results. My Big, Big Thing is Actually Very Small

Okay. That wasn’t so bad was it?

Just as an aside. Maybe you don’t understand the value you get here at no charge. I’m always checking to see what other people are doing so I signed up for a webinar on how to make your first dollar on line. The program they were selling to go with that was over 2,497 dollars in full or $497 over ten months. I haven’t asked for a penny. Why? I want you to get comfortable with the whole idea of internet marketing and what you will be doing AND, I really want you take it slowly and “get” each step. I’d pay a lot of money back then to save on the time and effort and money I wasted.

So if you are still good with that:

Next step is to explain affiliate marketing. It’s your first step into making money online.

So get a good night’s rest.

I promise I won’t haunt your dreams, but I will be back tomorrow to haunt your daylight hours.


Can’t wait for the next post? next-lesson


Till then,


Dream Big, Live Inspired


Nick Grimshawe

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