The Most Difficult Branding Tip to Follow

I got so excited during the video I forgot to give you the quote from The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller.

“…extraordinary results are directly determined by how narrow you can make your focus.”


Did you take action after watching the video? Did you find a way to narrow your focus. I’d love to hear your story.


Nick Grimshawe
PS I use this program to create my landing pages and help me promote a consistent message.



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  • my comment is the opposite is also true if you learn one thing of one job thats all you know, that’s why
    i did 52 occupations not just one thing i learned plastic fabrication, cabinetry, electronic technician,
    computer programming, NLP consulting, writing reports, field service, sales, customer support, and
    video production, video editing, and also web design just to name a few….. Kids today know more,
    They want more, and do more than we did in the past, society has a need for generalization, and
    the more you know the better the job or career of your choice….

    People no longer work one job for a lifetime to get a gold watch or a great retirement, I feel that i added to the world by creating my own world of knowing what a person can do if he really sets his mind to learning how things work. Now i have only one thing i do now-a-days and that’s video editing something i love to do, and help others to project the image they want to project, it’s not rocket science but it makes me happy so that’s all that counts…. and CTP AND CLICKING 🙂

  • I to find it hard to focus on just one thing, so thank you for sharing your thoughts and the book you shared in your video.

  • Narrowing the focus helps because it allows us to become experts in an area, or develop better products, since we don’t have to split our time between multiple unrelated projects. But at different points in our lives, we might embrace different types of projects or simply revise our focus. Otherwise we risk being trapped in something no one really needs any more. I don’t believe generalization is what society needs right now (as Stephen said), because you have the bases to start in many fields, but at any given time there are plenty of choices of people knowing that domain better than you.

  • No disagreement here. But you didn’t do all of those things at once. And I bet if you look closely you can find a theme running through all those different occupations. Now you are focused on your one thing.


  • Absolutely. Your one thing will change depending on what that most important thing is right now. You might work and complete a project. Then you would decide what is now the most important thing. You might take on another project, or write a book, or take a break from it all by going sailing around the world. But there is still a theme there which is based on your purpose and your dream.


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