The Myth of Easy Money

The Myth of Easy Money

The Myth of Easy Money

Internet Marketing Lesson 2

Building a business online takes time, patience, work and investment.

The price of entry into an internet business is lower than opening a store on main street. That’s why internet marketing attracts so many people.

So my first instruction to you is in the form of a warning.

Countless tempting ads circulate on the net promising you:

A $5000 monthly income for only a couple of hours a week. This is a sample of an ad I found easily online.

When you see an ad like the one below: RUN!

5000 online

Earn big without doing anything. They do all the work for you. This is a snippet of an ad. Big money for 3 minutes work!!!!

3 minutes

Our forced matrix (whatever the hell that is) will guarantee you an instant income.

For only 7 dollars you earn $100 dollars a day.

And every variation under the sun. The return on investment looks spectacular but the reality is much more grim. People try these programs lose their investment get discouraged and quit.

Another angle you will see promoted is how to build your business for free. I wrote an article on that if you want to read it. Why Free Won’t Get You to Freedom.

Stay away from any of these schemes, in fact you should run away as quickly as possible.

That’s why I didn’t want you running around out there until you’ve heard what I have to say.

Instead what I want you think about are some simple basic questions. Write down your answers in a notebook because it’s the start of formulating a plan for your business.

Question 1 How many hours are you willing to commit to building your business every week?

Notice I put an emphasis on commit. This isn’t what you’d like to do, might be able to do as long as you don’t have to miss a football game, or your shopping night with your girlfriends.

Commit means make a pact with yourself to do the work it takes on a consistent basis. So be conservative with the time you can commit to, you can always increase that time as you begin to understand what you are doing.

Question 2 How much are you willing to invest a month in building your business?

Most people don’t think about this, then seemed surprised when they realize it will cost them some money to build a business online. You are going to need certain programs to build your online business.

I’m here to guide you, to make suggestions based on what you can invest. I have budgeting tools to help you get into the right programs at the right time for the best cost. I’m not even going to mention them here. But for the very basics I’d recommend you budget between $60 to $80 a month.

Question 3 What goal do you have in mind that building a successful business online will fulfill?

As I said write them down, this is the first vague steps but important ones of actually running your business rather than it running you.

If you have any questions so far just shoot them over to me an email otherwise I will see you tomorrow.

Can’t wait for the next lesson. Click the Arrow.


Dream Big Live Inspired.

Nick Grimshawe

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