The Problem With Whiskers

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Matthew Graves graciously gave me permission to use this email he sent out to his list as a Guest Post. I think it has important content about creating squeeze pages.

Matthew Graves is the creator of the “List Viral” family of sites where your signups get added to your own autoresponder.

He also developed the “Top Converting Sites” list inside each of those programs to help members drive “quality” traffic to their sites to improve sign ups.

Matthew Graves is the founder of “Web’s Best Marketing” and “Quick Start Coach”.

He has also worked extensively as a consultant and a coach.

The Problem With Whiskers by Matthew Graves

Have you wondered why you aren’t getting more signups for the programs you are sending traffic to?

Maybe they have too many “whiskers”.

What do I mean by that? It goes back to one of my favorite coaches, Dean Jackson, who was the first person to use “squeeze pages” on the internet.

As Dean explains it, your prospects are like mice. Mice only think about two things. The first is to “get cheese” and the second is to “avoid cats”.

As soon as they see some “whiskers” they go running, even if it means leaving the cheese behind.

In the case of your prospects, the “cheese” is all the benefits you promise if they take some action you want them to do.

“Fill in your email address to get this valuable free report … or … signup for this program and get all these benefits.” They want that “cheese”.

What they don’t want is to get caught by that cat, and in this case, the “cat” is the salesperson.

As soon as you show them that you want to sell them something, you become the “cat” and you show your “whiskers”. If you do this before you build a relationship with them, then they will go running like a mouse through the forest.

[Tweet theme=”tweet-box-normal-blue”]That is why the best working strategy for making a reliable online income relies on not trying to “sell to strangers”.[/Tweet]

Instead, you send all your “cold traffic” from visitors who do not already know, like, and trust you, to an offer with only one purpose. That purpose is to offer a great reward (cheese) without any hint of the need to pay for it (whiskers). 

Does your signup page have the word “Free Trial” on it? That will dramatically lower conversions because “Free Trial” implies that after the trial, they will have to pay. Too many whiskers.

Does your signup page talk about all the benefits they will get after they upgrade? Same thing. Too many whiskers.

Does your signup page have the “brand images” of a well known paid program (SFI, World Profit, GDI, GVO)? They know you are trying to sell them on that paid program. Too many whiskers.

The solution is to only promote pages that build your list.

Ideally those would be lead capture pages at your own domain, that you control and track.

You give away something for free, like a report, in exchange for their email address. No mention of a product or upgrade in sight. All cheese and no whiskers.

No Whiskers


The second best option is to send your “cold traffic” to a proven high-converting page that is integrated to your auto-responder.

A place where you can get the stats that show you what sources of traffic are putting the most members on your list with the least work.

Either option gives you a list that you can build a relationship with BEFORE you try to sell them.

They get to learn that the “cat” isn’t really a “cat” but a friend instead. Then they will listen to what you have to offer without running away.


Matthew Graves





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