The Six Lies Between You and Success

In today’s video I talk about the six lies that get in the way for your success. They are from The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller.



Those six lies are:

  1. Everything matters equally

  2. Multitasking

  3. A Disciplined life

  4. Willpower is always on Will-call

  5. A balanced life

  6. Big is bad

Source: Gary Keller, The One Thing



Nick Grimshawe
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  • Dude! I’ve been seeing this book at the bookstore every time I go…You pushed me over the edge. I’m going to pick it up on Friday! Thanks for the review sir. Much appreciated!

  • one thing is the idea of doing one thing at a time but it’s in these times to be single minded and
    not letting your mind wonder in many different directions as it does by what we see hear or fear,
    I saw a video today on ted talks about trust and friendships should be personal not over the
    computer on chat or though the telephone. We have become a unpersonalized society and lack of trust in seeing an ad has us with a built in false hopes of riches by following them… it’s easy to
    be confused and taken advantage of by people who care only for themselves not helping you
    to learn the right way to do it….

    companies were started by people who trust eachother fully by how the live and learn to
    work together. Now you send a resume and a machine decides who gets the job by choice
    of words and how well you state your personal goals….. no one reads them anymore…
    Stephen Hall recently posted…Depression: Just Get Over It !!!My Profile

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