The World You Knew When You Went to Bed Last Night

The World You Knew Went You Went to Bed Last Night



Quotes from the Video and Resources

“The world is advancing at an incredible rate and until we find a constant among all this change we will find it hard to funnel this power into something more unified and meaningful, a more perfect union if you will. Like any generation, we are constantly living on the cusp of the future, except I imagine our future will demand much more of us than it did our ancestors.”

Source: Youssef Sarhan from: The Human Race is Advancing faster than we can comprehend


To stand out you don’t have a choice. You have to better yourself in any possible way.
Source: Britta Noack from an article. The Growth of Growth by Melissa Balmain, Success Magazine January 2016

Your development journey begins with inward focus. Start by making small internal changes. Before long, those changes begin to manifest outwardly with big results.
Source: John C Maxwell “The You Plan” Success Magazine January 2016.

Today’s 20 Hottest Skills from reprinted in Success Magazine January 2016.

Online articles and resources, including subscription to the online version of Success Magazine available at

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