Three Smart Business Ideas from the Science of Getting Rich

In this post I’m revisiting The Science of Getting Rich.

This book is a watershed for me.

There are at least five key points about building a business that are universal even after almost one hundred years from its original publishing date.

If you haven’t ordered it, or don’t have a copy, follow my link and order it right away.
The Science of Getting Rich: The Original Classic

In the video I focus on three key points which I summarize below.

3 Smart Business Ideas

1.Clarity of your Vision. Work to make your vision of what you want to achieve as laser focused as possible.

Expressing Gratitude even for the things you might not feel that grateful for, like obstacles in your path.

Write out ten examples of how obstacles have helped you grow. 

3 Act. You must act if you expect your vision to manifest.

Doing the exercises in one and two is one way to take action!

I mentioned in the video a earlier post where I include 12 quotes from the Science of Getting Rich. I’d really love for you to go back to the post and take the poll. The poll asks for your top three quotes from the article.

Click this link to go to  12 quotes from the Science of Getting Rich

Comments? Questions? Ideas? I’d love to hear from you.

One of the biggest points in the Science of Getting Rich is that you must take action.

I’ve talked to you about a great little course on the basics of getting started on list building. Andrew Stark a friend and mentor created the course to show people how to get started without spending a lot of money. In fact the course is just a bit more than a fancy Starbucks Coffee and the information will get you started on the right track.

I highly recommend the course. And this is my call to action for you to click the banner below and get started. If you need help, let me know in a reply email.








Nick Grimshawe


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  • Hello Nick,

    Action and gratitude are two words that we most certainly need to apply if are to succeed in business and in life.

    So many folks say that they ‘want to do’ this and that, but never really take the action that is required to make the thing that they want to do actually happen. I think we all struggle with this from time-to-time.

    One thing I am certainly grateful about is being able to network with people like yourself and so many others that I have met online over the years. The wealth of knowledge that I have obtained is extremely valuable.

    Thanks for another wonderful post.

  • It’s one of my favorite books for sure! Loved the 3 points you mentioned Nick.

    Something I’ve been trying to work on a lot recently is my gratitude list, every single day.

    I write 3 things down, in the morning.

    Another 3 things at night.

    Been trying that for a few weeks now.

    Which leads to that 3rd point you made….Action is critical. It’s the game changer for sure!
    Jon Olson recently posted…The School of Greatness Book Study – Chapter 1My Profile

  • Hi John

    Networking is right up there. Networking is taking action in a particular way to expand your reach and influence. I am grateful we are connected John. Thanks for commenting.

  • Great to hear you are working on a gratitude list each day. I’ve had a gratitude practice for a long while but it took me a some time to truly be grateful for the difficulties and the obstacles. I never realized how important they where to building my “mental muscle”. So being grateful for a challenge, for how it grows you, is an area many folks miss.

    As for action. “leave no stone unturned” was the motto I used to keep in action as I worked to get down here to Panama for winter.

    It’s turned out to be my greatest adventure yet.

    Thanks for commenting Jon, it’s greatly appreciated .


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