Traveling Faster Than the Speed of a FTL (faster than light) Jumpship

June first didn’t live up to its sleepy pre-summer pace, and if anything the inter webs are heating up a bit. New warp speed engines refitting over a winter layover are responsible. Since then my calendar threaten to melt the core.

First player in all of this was the famous, Lady M , Lynn M as everyone knows her with her extremely productive new site, Commission Scoop I’m in love with this site and you should be too, it produces and converts like crazy.

Not to be out done a dynamic duo using the power of the universal female force (you always want it with you, not against you), of Sunny Suggs and Rhonda Pizor launched their own site called Your Splash Hosting making it easy for just about anyone to host their splashes in an amazingly simple process.

At the same time people were scrambling to set up their hints, and polish off their splash pages for today’s launch of Bill’s Birthday Badge Hunt. If you are seeing this, you may be a new subscriber to my list with my newly minted badge , if not you are a loyal subscriber, and will be getting my badge under separate cover as they say.  If you want to get all the latest new of the HUNT this is the offical blog

But not satisfied with that Eric Goettman decided it the amid of all the noise and haste, this would be a great time to throw in yet another new program with simply awesome potential for all of us slugging away here in Gotham. It’s called PayItKOREward a great play on words and a brilliant way for all of us (even free members who get the same 50% commission) to light a fire using a list of essential tools to build your business and learn  how to correctly build your list.

Now all those sites work on the nitty-gritty of building your online business.

As a recognized business owner you off course spend time on building you. You are doing that, right? The most important part of your business is you. You need to grow and expand to meet the demands your business will ask of you, as well as to learn to grow into your dreams.

Well June is shaping up to be just as busy and interesting in that regard,  with a couple of great opportunities to expand your horizons.

The first one actually opened for registration today.

It’s from the great people at Mind Valley Academy in the form of a masterclass offer by John Assaraf on: Winning the Inner Game of Money. The masterclass runs on June 9th at 9 PM eastern. The class is free. Listen as John reveals some of his major principles of Winning the Inner Game of Money.

To top things off , for now at least, is a promotion from my favorite personal development company Learning Strategies. Beginning on June 22 you can try out the audio and videos of a popular self-study course without having to buy it.

The course teaches an ancient Chinese “practice” that can take away stress, pain, and sickness from your body at amazing speeds…leaving you with more energy just what you need to make it through this busy summer. The course is called Spring Forest Qigong, and you can listen and watch for free just by registering HERE
All of that on the first day of June.
Even more new programs launched but I wanted to show some mercy, especially to you, if you are a new reader to my blog or my list.
Now get all your sign ups done, so you can hop back over to the Badge Hunt.
Warp speed everyone.
PS If you need help with any of this, have questions, need answers, got stuck in setup, or can’t find your way back to the engineering deck, Skype me at nicknick90, all one word, all lower case.


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