Two Ways Effective Email Management Benefits You

Have you ever wondered, in the back of your mind, when you are sending emails out in safelists, if you  are reaching the number of members the lists owners say you are?

I recently read an email from Darren Olander  the well know owner of what I call the best six-pack in the business, that stood out from the regular current of emails.

Here’s the email:

“I’ve always strived to keep my email advertising sites as responsive and efficient as possible, however we discovered an issue recently with members who have never read mails from being filtered out from receiving mails.

We’ve adjusted this so you may have noticed a drastic reduction in list sizes across my mailers – this is a good thing! 
Instead of showing a highly inflated list count and having you waste credits on sending to users we know will never open or read your email ad, we are having you spend your valuable credits ONLY on those we know have a high chance of reading your email ad.
This means you can spend less time trying to earn credits in order to reach the full list, and the credits you spend will give you greater results.
I believe this makes us stand out in a huge way in this industry and you should now start seeing it reflected in your click through rates.

Darren accomplished that feat by combing through all six list to remove the deadwood: all those people who had never opened an email.

If you are a member of a safelist routinely sending out your offers to other safelist members to read, you waste credits every mailing on those inactive members who never read their emails.

So sending to a list where your chances are higher to get an “open” because the list is made up of active members only, you waste fewer credits, and get a greater return on your investment.

The consequence for Darren is the size of his lists shrunk considerably which might lead the uninformed to conclude that his lists weren’t as valuable because their potential reach had shrunk.

Darren instead of keeping an inflated level of membership,  took the high road and the risk, because he added value to all his active members.

I applaud Darren for taking on the task.

As marketers we tend to get attached to our lists.

We think of all the effort it took to gain those names.

We take pride in our list size.

So it is a painful exercise, at least it was to me, to comb though your list to remove inactive members.

I did this exercise recently because I wasn’t happy with my open and click-through rates of my emails.

The dead wood made it difficult for me to determine whether my emails were way off the mark, and not catering to my members, or if all those inactive members were making it look like I didn’t have a clue.

So using my trusty Get Response autoresponder, I asked it to return a list of all subscribers who hadn’t opened an email in the last six months.

Then I moved those subscribers into a different list. These subscribers no longer get my regular emails but instead occasionally receive a recovery email, designed to see if I can coax them back to active status.

I also manually combed through the list looking for members who had subscribed with different emails.

This drastically reduced the size of my list and deflated my ego.

However, as a consequence of taking that action two things occurred.

Right away my email open and click rates went up significantly, only understandable but, now I could tell if a particular email appealed to my members or not.






After: The click-through rate for this email is lower than my 3% target.

This feedback loop allowed me to hone in on the types of emails that worked, and those that didn’t. This is an ongoing experiment which tests both headlines, and content.

The other effect of doing this exercise was to spur me to redouble my list building efforts.

I have also been able to win back about a hundred subscribers from my inactive list.

If you have a list, this is a good exercise to do once or twice a year.

You get a much clearer sense of what is actually happening in your list which benefits your subscribers who receive content that is valuable to them.

While this is a valuable lesson in list management, it also highlights an area we should pay greater attention to in both safelists/mailers and TE’s.

What is the actual percentage of active users in a safelist  or a TE?

Here is an example from Adchiever




For safelist it is easier to see membership numbers because your membership level determines the number of people who receive your email. You have no reliable way, except for honest owner like Darren Olander, to know how many people on that list are inactive.

For TE’s the problem is very different. As an advertiser you want to know how many active surfers there are on the site any one time. Very few sites offer that information.

As an example of the 8 TE’s promoted on the Click Track Profit site today (August 08 2017) I found only one site that gave the number of surfers on the site at the moment and that was SiteXplosion.

Now I may have missed that information even though I looked at the most obvious possible places. Home page and Surfing page.

As advertisers, using these types of advertising platforms, we should demand more transparency so we can make sensible buying decisions. Tracking using a tool like helps you decide what advertising is effective, but that comes as an after-the-fact lesson.

This is where active owners like Darren Olander should be applauded loudly for their efforts to make sure their member get the greatest return for their investments.

Darren’s action raised my respect as well as validated my use of all six of his mailers.

In case you are not all ready a subscriber to Darren’s mailers I wanted to give you a quick over view of Adchiever my top performer from his group.

I just wanted to show you the email that comes from Darren each month if you are a subscriber, giving your reward code.









To Recap:

Two ways effective email management benefit you is your ability to deliver valuable content and results to your list, and to use that knowledge to assess the quality of the members lists at Safelists and TE’s.

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To see Darren’s other sides read:
The Best Advertising Six Pack in the Business


Get Response which gives me a large range of easy to use statistics.

Get Response



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  • Yes, that’s something great Darren did and I also remarked it.

    What’s the use to send an email to thousands or tens of thousand recipients, if almost no one at the other end opens it? It falsely creates the perception of value because of the high number of members the email is sent to.

    About currently active surfers at TEs, there are alternatives to that: active surfers yesterday, active surfers this week or last week. This will give a better picture than the capture of an instant in time.

    Good article Nick, very thorough and emphasizing real issues.

  • Hi Adrian,

    Thanks for your comments.

    We do need better ways to access the value of advertising on TE’s.


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