Use This Simple Hack to Maintain Your Productivity Throughout the Day

I learned this tip quite awhile ago and recently found another example reading Brian Johnson.



Technique #4
Work in one hour intervals.
This is so important to having a super-productive business day. I set a timer. I use Egg Timer. Here is the link to the one hour timer . When the alarm sounds I stop and do a physical activity for ten minutes. You’d be surprised how much other work you can get done when you do this. I often pop out into the garden and weed, or plant something.
Since most online work is more mental than physical it’s important to get some physical activity going. This stimulates blood flow, gives your brain a moment to rest and re-calibrate, and is good for your body as well.
If you are talking to someone and can’t break right at that moment, break as soon as the conversation is complete. The balance between mental and physical keeps you alert and interested.

Expert from:  Ten Productivity Hacks to Keep You Winning in You Home Office by Nicholas Grimshawe

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  • I take regular breaks a little differently than you described, but they are absolutely refreshing and something I would recommend anyone to do.

    Since most of my work involves watching a computer screen for a long period of time, these breaks are essential to give my eyes and brain a break. I take around 3-5 minutes of break every half an hour, sometimes 10 if I feel it’s necessary. And you are right, doing physical exercise is essential during the breaks for our own health. Well, actually sometimes I alternate and lay down in bed instead of having physical exercises, to give my body the chance to relax, and release the tension from the back and neck.

    Again, I would recommend everyone to take regular breaks, and I’m glad you brought it up, Nick, because it is really important.

  • Hi Adrian. Thanks for talking about your practice. It’s always important I feel, to adapt and adjust a practice or to optimize a practice to suit how you work.


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