Visualize Your Ideal Customer Now to Save Time and Money Later

Finding your ideal customer seems like an arduous task which is why many people don’t bother to develop a profile their perfect customer.

However there is an easy starting point: you!

If you are like me you wish all your subscribers or clients were more like you.

Go look in a mirror. The person looking back at you is your ideal customer.

For example, I know that I am a buyer. I upgrade in lots of programs, I buy courses, I pay for products on a consistent basis.

I’d love to have a lot of those Nick Grimshawes’ on my list because I know my profitability would skyrocket.

Do you agree?

You’d love to have more of you on your list?

If your answer that question isn’t an automatic resounding yes, then you need to take a long hard look at your dream and your goals in regard to your own motivations for running an online business.

Of course there is more to this than just looking in the mirror.

This is where a lot of people will want to click away.

I hope you aren’t one of them.

Agree to Be Curious about Your Ideal Client

I’ve created an exercise called “Visualizing Your Ideal Client Worksheet.

If you agree to be curious about who your ideal customer/client/subscriber is, then you will learn a lot from completing this exercise. Your completed worksheet will help shape your advertising, content creation, and email marketing.

Creating this profile should be the starting place for building our business online. However we seldom see the benefit of doing this exercise until we’ve wasted a lot of time and money running around like the proverbial chicken with its head cut off.

What Is In It For Me?

Improved marketing and advertising to reach your ideal customer. 

Having an image or vision of who your ideal customer is, then you can target your advertising to places where you are likely to find that customer. This save both time and money.

This is an example of targeting used when building an ad in Facebook. Knowing your idea client helps you build out your targeted audience.

Facebook Targeting

Location Of Ideal Customer


Facebook Targeting to Ideal Customer

Interests of Ideal Customer


Better retention of your customer or subscriber.

Another benefit of creating a profile of your perfect customer is retention. When you market to an audience that fits your ideal profile your content and marketing is laser targeted. You customers get more of what they expected when they signed up with you. Fewer people leave because you aren’t meeting their needs.

Better relationship building.

Since you took the time to know and understand who your customer is and since you are like them in many ways your rapport with them is higher. The know, like and trust formula for success is automatically built-in.

Better Income 

For all the above reasons everything works better because there is a mutual understanding that comes from visualizing your ideal customer because they are like you in many ways.

Which means they are more likely to buy from you because what you are marketing to them is something they recognize they need and want.

Embrace the Exercise

When I worked in the corporate world, Thursday afternoons were devoted to a sales managers meeting. In the board room where we convened a post hung with ten meeting rules. One of those rule was to allow for the 1 % possibility that you could learn something new today.

Basically the rule meant you should keep your mind open at the very least to a 1% possibility. A close mind cannot learn new things.

So I want you to embrace this exercise, click the link below and actually take some time to think through the questions and formulate your answers.

I suggest that you use a pencil so you can erase and rewrite until you have an image of your idea customer.

Allow that your first crack at this might new work and revision as you begin to work with your profile.

Look at your profile before you start each day.

Write down any wins or insights you get from the exercise.

Click the banner below to download your Ideal Client Worksheet .

Ideal Client Worksheet

I mention on page 6 of the work sheet how the easy problems you can solve for your ideal customer can then be used to write lead magnets to help build your list.

You can read the article by clicking on the link below.

10 Easy Tips For Writing Your Own Lead Magnet In Two Hours or Less

What is your biggest challenge in creating a visual image of your idea customer?


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