What Do Monkeys, Carnival Tents and Nick’s New Show Have In Common?

See if you can figure it out.


The Plus One Blog Carnival.

  1. I once again want to thank our sponsors who put up prizes for our wonderful  blogging artist who took action and wrote an article about plus one.   ( Interesting to see that all our contributors are familiar faces in our community. Do you think that’s a co-incidence?)  See the Main Page Here 

I want to break down the prizes so you can see what our prize winners took away with them.

Sunny Suggs first place winner: Received 10,000 credits from List Build Surf.

Marian Gurowicz and Andrew Stark tied for second. Marian chose the 1 year upgrade at Advertising Maximizer

Andrew selected the 5000 credit from List Build Surf

Winter Perkins in 3 place selected the 3 month upgrade from Cool Cat Hits.

Once again congratulations. I’ve got my planning shoes on again, so stay tuned as they say.

Now I had something in reserve for our other talented bloggers as well. So  Adrian Gurgui, Keith Butterworth , Tom Wacker, and Serge Cote all receive 1250 credits from List Build Surf.

Taking action has rewards. ( Did I say that already?.)

Landing Page Monkey

My Learn with Nick members already know this but it’s important if you missed Jon Olson’s 500 emails on the subject. Landing Page Monkey is now part of CTP and you need to add  your user name   at Video 7  or Step 7 of the first training module, and then you need to watch the videos on how to put your Rocket Responder code into Landing Page Monkey….it pretty easy to do. If you don’t have Landing Page Monkey….click my link or check with your upline in CTP to see if they have a link and sign up. This is very low entry one time fee for an amazing product.

The list building section, module two of CTP reopened. It’s worth it to go through the sequence again to brush up, or if you are new…it’s a great place to start your list building efforts.

Now for the really big news.

If you missed it, I am back into do a regular show called “Getting Out From Between the Lines.”  The show deals with…you got it…ways to get out from between the lines, to do something differently, to think differently , maybe spark some insights, new ideas, new ways to plus one. All that good stuff. The first show took place last Friday August 28th. Here is the link to the replay if you missed it. https://youtu.be/8G7QLpsuhLE

The show will air on Friday’s at 2 PM Eastern Standard Time. I post the link to me list in Skype at the various chat groups, and through twitter. Best bet is to join my list…if you aren’t all ready one of the geniuses who took action. See the form below. I’d love to have you, and I promise you will get something different.


Whew. That’s a lot of links isn’t it? I promised I won’t do that to you too often but I really do want you in the loop.


So what do monkeys, Carnival Tents and Nick’s new show have in common? I’ll be looking for some thoughtful answers in the comment section. You never know when a bolt of generosity might come your way.


Learn, Live , Love,


Nick Grimshawe

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  • First off, thanks for the opportunity to join with and in competition with such a talented field of bloggers. It was a lot of fun for me.

    I’m really glad to see you doing a regular show. You are really good at it, and the venue suits you well.

    I spent most of my life between the lines. It’s really (I mean REALLY) good to know that it’s OK to get outside the lines.
    Tom Wacker recently posted…One PlusMy Profile

  • It was both an honor for me to be in such a company and had a great time with the Blog Carnival Nick.

    And in any creative domain, getting out from between the lines is a necessity so, your show couldn’t have a better topic.

    Last Friday’s show was full of information and passion, thank you for that!
    Adrian Gurgui recently posted…Mediocre. Average. Excellent.My Profile

  • Hi Nick,

    Just catching up on stuff, and just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to put the carnival together.

    Like some of the comments in Sunny’s post it was spooky how our posts were related, and that by telling her story she was able to get the most votes.

    Once I get this new funnel in place I’m sure those credits will be used wisely.

    Andrew Stark recently posted…So Who’s Fault Is It I’m Not An Internet Millionaire?My Profile

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