What I Learned About Internet Marketing by Climbing Over a Mountain

I know this is a long video, but I hope you stick with me all the way through. I promise not to do this to you often, but I really learned so much about internet marketing from this challenging, wonderful, trek.


However  I have summarized for you, but the points won’t seem quite as meaningful unless you’ve watched the video.

1. There will always be that next obstacle. There will be many challenges.

You will be challenged to learn new things. This is how we succeed, by moving over, around or through those obstacle.

2. Keep your goal in mind. You know it’s there. You use it as motivation, but you focus your efforts on 3.

3. What small step can I take next. What’s my next small steps I can take. What will get me one step closer to my goal.

That last hill is where most internet marketers fail. They give up just before the goal comes into view at the crest of the hill.

I realized that I wasn’t challenging myself enough. That I needed to dig in and grind it out, to achieved my goals.


Enjoy you journey over the mountain,


Dream Big Live Inspired.


Nick Grimshawe

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