Why Free Won’t Get You to Freedom

Most people find their way to an online opportunity from a job and a job mentality. They seek some form of freedom whether it’s freedom from constant financial struggle or a more positive hope of living a fuller life without having to sacrifice family time, their health and spiritual fulfillment to a soul sucking job. Believe me I have been in both positions from time to time.

As an industry we offer solutions to both these situations, yet somewhere along the way we decided to pander to the lowest denomination and focused on free, easy, quick, and painless solutions as the “easy way” to attract new members to offered programs. Pictures of fancy cars, homes, private jets on tropical, sun-drenched properties with ocean views play on those dreams.

Nearly all the offers you see as you surf Traffic Exchanges or peruse Safe-list emails, tell you you can join for free. Some others mention a small one time fee and the added bonus that all the work will be done for you.

Talk of investing substantial capital in your new online business, and the years of tough hard work ahead of you to find success rarely gets a mention.

Then when someone signs up, runs with a program for a couple of weeks, and then throws up their hands when instant gratification, as promised, isn’t forth coming, we as an industry roll our collective eyes and mutter things about people who don’t want to do the work to achieve success.


Let’s  take a different tact for a moment.

“Right Management ran the online survey between April 16 and May 15, and culled responses from 411 workers in the U.S. and Canada. Only 19% said they were satisfied with their jobs. Another 16% said they were “somewhat satisfied.” But the rest, nearly two-thirds of respondents, said they were not happy at work. Twenty-one percent said they were “somewhat unsatisfied” and 44% said they were “unsatisfied.” 

Source: Forbes: New Survey: Majority of Employees Dissatisfied.

There is a vast pool of dissatisfaction out there. People are actively seeking other solutions. That’s really good news. The bad news is these are people who have JOBS. This doesn’t make them stupid, it means however they have a whole different mind-set to that of business and entrepreneurship. That’s were my mind-set started. It took me a long time to start to make progress in the direction of entrepreneurship. I didn’t even realize I had a job mentality .

I thought, (still occasionally find myself falling into this) that you do (a) and (b) should follow. On a job you go in and work 40 hours for 5 days and on the 5th  day you get paid (x) for the work you did in (a).

Running a business requires a different understanding of how the input (investment) output (profit) works. Yet I see very little information about this in the community, even though it is often talked about in vague terms.

It’s not as if there isn’t any material about the need to change mind set…there are books and blogs and probably courses available. But that material doesn’t seem to get offered up as a first step.

I know it’s a process. Changing a mind-set is a difficult thing…it requires first, a recognition that there is a need for change, and then the will power to begin that process of change and to understand that the change itself is a process and won’t happen overnight. In fact I would surmise that success grows with that individual at the pace they change their mind-set.

So where do we begin a journey to help people change that very ingrained mind-set?

It’s not that I have a magical answer. I still revert on occasion myself. I have however started to ask people I know. How did they change their mind set…how would they mentor someone else through the change. The best people to ask perhaps are not those that have been entrepreneurs from birth…but those who have made the transition. What is your insight into this question? What would you do?

Part of the reason this has become an important question to me, is the arrival of Kore4.

We’ve began, well actually, TimTech, has began to change the conversation, by offering a super upgrade with a huge potential upside rather than offering some new “free service”. What’s required for that is long-term thinking, no 9-5. This isn’t something you do for a month and then pull out because you haven’t attracted enough Kore4 clients to pay for the program.

This is an excellent program to build on…a program to challenge you to find something new within you to make it work. Instead of looking a month from now you need to be thinking a year…or two years from now. Committing the investment now to make that 1800 a month, a real possibility a year from now or two years from now.

As Jim Rohn says in one of my favorite quotes

“The major reason for setting a goal is for what it makes of you to accomplish it. What it makes of you will always be the far greater value than what you get.”

Most of you reading this all ready understand what I am saying. It’s how to translate that into action that will help others.








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  • Thank you Nick. Interesting read and thoughts that swirl within me.
    Right on to Jim Rohns’ quote. What is within us is amazing when you begin to grow as a better person, wiser, smarter, happier or whatever you become.
    As I begin to have doubts people like you Nick and others on their own personal journey here in CTP and Kore4 you special individuals make it all worth while to stay focused to my goals. Have a wonderful Day!

  • Bev, thank you for your comments and I’m glad that my words caused thoughts to swirl around…that’s what every writer hopes for. It is amazing what we carry inside us, and what happens when we begin to tap that unlimited potential to bring about positive change within us. It’s the most exciting journey there is. When doubts assail us goals are the anchor that will hold us solid and steady.


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