Why Ask a Closing Question in Your Email Marketing.

What is a closing question?

Image of a Question Mark

It’s not the same thing that a salesperson uses to determine if a prospect is ready to move toward making a buying decision.

In email marketing, the first step to take with a new subscriber is the all-important task of building a relationship.

A closing question in email marketing is trying to find out what your subscriber’s challenge is.

Once you know this, your job is to offer solutions that solve your customer’s problem.

Those solutions generate your income.

Why asking questions is so powerful.

“Questions trigger a mental reflex known as “instinctive elaboration.” When a question is posed, it takes over the brain’s thought process. And when your brain is thinking about the answer to a question, it can’t contemplate anything else.”

Source: David Hoffeld in Want To Know What Your Brain Does When It Hears A Question?

The moment you ask your subscriber a closing question their brain is wired to automatically answer the question.

Right at that moment, you have the best chance of getting a response from your reader.

And once they reply to you the chance of making a sale at a later date rises dramatically.

Patience is required.

Getting the subscriber to respond to a question requires patience. Some people will reply the very first time. However, getting a response means that you have to be willing to ask a variation of a closing question in every email. You also need to let them know you would love for them to reply.

Be prepare for this to be a long process.

Why put the question at the end of your email?

When I work in restaurant management we learned the importance of that final cup of coffee the patron had after their meal. That coffee had to be outstanding because it was the final takeaway impression a customer would have of their overall experience.

If after an impressive meal you served them a tepid, uninspired cup of coffee you lost the impact of all that went before.

That’s why you want to leave your subscriber thinking about your content and mulling your question.

Without that final question, the email could have a bland taste.

What to do when you get a response.

“Yes, absolutely.

Why do you have a list to begin with? To sell a product or service, to establish yourself as an expert, to turn cold signups into warm leads, or to otherwise further your business goals.

A good way to accomplish all of these goals is by being present, being available, and being human. Always, ALWAYS respond to a subscriber who’s replied to your newsletter – even if they’re complaining or negative.

We should all be talking to people more often.”

Source: Tyler Moore in answer to a question about what to do when a subscriber response to your email.

I would add to reply quickly answer the query, or by offering to get with the subscriber to show them how to solve their problem.

These days we have powerful tools to do that.

The other day I connected with a subscriber using Google Hangouts, a tool I haven’t used in a long time. It has a screen share function so you can demonstrate a point by walking a subscriber through a difficult setup.

Zoom is my favorite way to do this. It’s quick, easy to use, can be recorded if necessary (to create a library of helpful tips) and screen share is very easy to use. Oh, and it’s free unless you need it’s more powerful features.

Tie your closing question to the content of your email.

Using a closing question consistent with your content creates a powerful last impression on your subscriber.

If the content of the email is about writing a lead magnet you closing question could be like this:

What is your biggest challenge in writing your own lead magnet?

If you just wrote about tips for using safelists and mailers you could try a slightly different approach.

Do you have a tip or trick for using safelists and mailers that we didn’t mention in this article?

Content about email marketing.

What is your biggest obstacle to writing effective emails?


Using closing questions in your email marketing is a simple and powerful strategy to increase engagement with your list and boost your marketing income.

How will you apply the suggestions in this blog post?

© Nick Grimshawe.

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  • Hi Nick

    Great Post, lots of valuable information.
    I am still working on my content style and format.
    I do use questions, but maybe not in the correct way.
    I always seem to come across “preachy” LOL

    I am and always will be a work in progress 🙂

    Thanks for the post.
    Enjoy your weekend

  • Hi Kevin, thanks for your comment. I am chuckling because of your comment about coming across preachy. It’s something I think about a lot. I often ask myself if I’m sounding preachy.

    My content and style have evolved over the last year or so. You could say my own voice grows stronger by doing the work, getting into action, posting often.

    I think we are all, always a work in progress.


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