You Don’t Have to Spend a Fortune to Create a Successful Ad Campaign

One of the big lessons I learned through association with the Legacy Team and during the course of an interview I did with Marcus Wahl, Ken Locatteli  and Rodney Hage is a simple basic mantra they used to push their business to success: Drive Traffic. If there is a secret that’s it but I’ve learned a lot about how to and how not to drive traffic over the last little while and I wanted to share with you how I put together a successful ad campaign for $70 dollars.

Until my March advertising blitz I’d been driving lots of traffic and I’d learned to narrow my focus and stick with only one or two messages those being my program “Learn with Nick” and the program it was built around, “Click Track Profit”.  That’s where the largest majority of my advertising is focused. I’ve achieved some level of success with that but I felt there was something lacking in that approach. Basically the marketing wasn’t planned. I assigned credits to drive traffic, I placed ad at PTC’s; all this incumbent on money flow to buy credits and ads.

In February I checked the goals I’d set for my business this year and knew I need to find away to push my stats if I wanted to make some of my top 1st quarter goals. That’s when I hit upon the idea of doing a blitz, and I have to admit it’s the first time I can ever really say I planned out a campaign that had a finite duration and a specific goal.

My idea was to create a blitz of advertising over a one week period using spotlight hits at key traffic exchanges and including a sponsorship at TE Racing League.

Co-coordinating this took a bit of juggling. I wanted all these ads to run all in the same week so my first learning is you need to plan well ahead to create a campaign like this. As it turned out the week of March 23 to  March 30th was the first available week where I could get everything set up.

Here’s what I did:

I ordered spotlight hits to run at all 3 Legacy sites,  Legacy Hits, Ninja Surf and Social Ad Surf for an entire week. Plus I snagged a week at Surf Skeleton the total cost of these ads: $50. I scored a special at TE Racing League for a sponsor ship at $20. Which brought my cost to $70. I also accumulated enough tokens at Click Track Profit (I didn’t have to buy any) to successfully bid for a spotlight ad there. Added pluses: I won a spotlight at Cash Surfing Network though Lynn’s program Win Ten with Lynn and I also won a spotlight at Show Biz Hits for March 27 by attending Lynn’s Trivia program on spreecast, usually held on Saturday evenings. (See how being plugged in can help).

The ad I ran was my login page at Learn with Nick plus at TE Racing League a slightly different splash page.

Total cost $70


Over 120,000 hits to those two splash pages during that week: See screen shots below.
For the direct link:

For the splash page



Number of sign ups for the week at Learn with Nick


Number  of Upgrades From Members Who Signed Up that Week


Cost of Upgrade:


x 8 = $108.00

– $70 in advertising costs.

=$38 net profit

That’s just based on upgrades but does not include potential upgrades from other new members or potential income from upgrading in products promoted within Learn with Nick.


1.  I made more than I spent and now have that money to use in my next campaign.

2. I hit my quarterly target for sign ups to Learn with Nick

3. I generated massive traffic and receive a lot of exposure over a short time frame. ( A value which is hard to put a price to.)

4. Created potential income for the future.

5. An understanding of how to better shape future advertising by using concise start and end dates that make measuring success or failure easier.

Future Action

1. Plan more  campaigns around specific advertising vehicles using a start and end date.

2 Plan further out so my advertising isn’t all last-minute.

3. Focus only on one program at a time.

I hope this helps you with your adverting campaigns and sparked some ideas for you as well.












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